Senior Management

Jennifer Nunley Headshot

    Jennifer Nunley

      President and CEO
      (731) 288-7344

Laura Dodson Headshot

    Laura Dodson

      Vice President and Executive Administrative Assistant
      (731) 287-4903

Jared Agee Headshot

 Jared Agee

Senior Vice President, IT
(731) 288-7349

 John Young Headshot

 John Young

Senior Vice President and Dyer County Retail Manager
(731) 288-7371

 Bill Joyner Headshot

 Bill Joyner

Senior Vice President and Gibson County Retail Manager
(731) 288-7106

 Stacey Bell Headshot

 Stacey Bell

Senior Vice President
(731) 288-7368

 Hal Johnson Headshot

 Hal Johnson

Senior Vice President and CCO
(731) 288-7372

 Roger Bell Headshot

Roger Bell

Senior VP and Mortgage Loan Officer
(731) 288-7324