Special Events

  Congratulations to Our Employee of the Year, Perfect Attendance, Service,
  Operations, and Retail Persons of the Year Award Winners for 2023!

  Employee of the Year Awards

  Pictured Left to Right - 
  Operations Employee of the Year: Jennie Hightower
  Employee of the Year: Rita Jackson
  Service Employee of the Year: Trae Baker
  Retail Employee of the Year: Pam Tetleton
  President and CEO: Jennifer Nunley

 Service Award Winners 2023

 Perfect Attendance Winners

  Pictured Left to Right - 
  Jennifer Owens
  Harlie Vanwormer
  Leslie Sawyers
  Kim Sims
  Mariska Malamatos
  Pam Tetleton
  Jennifer Nunley
  Sara Vaughn
  John Young
  Bill Joyner
  Stacey Bell

  Not Pictured: Mattheu Vanwormer, Joy Milligan, Denise McKnight

Perfect Attendance Winners 2023